A Budget Travel Guide to Marrakech


Our 3 week trip to Morocco started in Marrakech. I didn’t know what to expect from Marrakech, at all. But it was certainly not what I expected. I’m pleased to say it was better.

It was dark when we arrived in the densely packed walled Medina, and it’s true when they say that Marrakech will awaken every sense in your body. A little hint of ‘culture shock’ mixed with a little bit of chaos and the new sights and the new smells that immediately woke my mind up to remind me exactly why I love to travel.

Marrakech is also a city catered to the tourist, with luxury hotels and expensive restaurants a plenty, but we managed on a budget of $35/£27 a day per person, comfortably.

As always with my budget guides, this post will cover what we did, where we slept and what we ate during our 3 day trip to Marrakech and importantly, how much everything cost.

Please note: The below prices are in Moroccan Dirham (DH). At the time of writing, 10 DH is equal to approx $1/ £0.80.

Here is my budget travel guide to Marrakech…


1. What to do in Marrakech

Jemaa el-Fnaa

The place to spend your evenings in Marrakech. The Jemaa el-Fnaa is the main square of Marrakech and it comes alive once the sun goes down. Grab a glass of fresh orange juice for 5DH and let the show begin. The square is packed with street food and a variety of performers; from acrobatics and traditional Berber music to men with monkeys and even hissing cobras. Choose a show, clap along. Tip, and they will play some more (and if you’re lucky, get dragged into the circle to dance like I did).

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Shop in the Medina

Leather, scarfs, slippers, pottery, soaps, oils, jewellery, sports kit. You can find it here. Just be prepared to barter. We found the prices here quite high, so the only thing I purchased was a nice quality Pashmina scarf (60 DH) as it got really cold in Marrakech at night! Another thing to bear in mind, walk on the right as you walk through the Medina and watch out for scooters and donkeys. It can get pretty packed in there! Don’t engage in conversation with the guys trying to show you the way, unless you are happy to pay them if they show you!

The Koutoubia Mosque

Although entrance to this mosque is not permitted by non-Muslims, it is an impressive building to see and we felt it was well worth walking simply around the exterior and through the gardens.

Koutoubia Mosque

Ben Youssef Madrasa

Located in the Medina, the entrance to this Madrasa costs 20DH and the architecture inside is really detailed and beautiful. The Ben Youssef Madrasa was previously an Islamic College, the building closed down in 1960 and it is now a historical site open to the public.

Inside the Ben Youssef Madrasa

Musee de Marrakech

Close by to the Ben Youssef Madrasa is The museum of Marrakech. It was constructed at the end of the 19th century and we found the architecture inside to be really impressive. This is definitely a place to bring along your camera! The entrance isn’t that cheap (50DH) but we felt that it was well worth it and good value for how amazing it is inside.

A window inside the Musee de Marrakech

Jardin de Majorelle

Located in the new town of Marrakech, over here is where you really feel the contrast to the old Medina. Get in the queue of tourists for the Majorelle Garden and once inside enjoy the colourful, peaceful and beautiful setting of the 12 acre botanical garden. The entrance costs 70DH per person, and that’s just for the garden! We felt the price is a little steep, but the garden is really nice and so picturesque, it is certainly not a place to be missed.

Shaun inside the Jardin de Majorelle
The pretty Jardin de Majorelle

2. Where to sleep in Marrakech

We stayed in the lovely, quiet and traditional ‘Riad Dar Othmane‘. Our room was £17/ 20 Euro’s a night for a huge double room with private bathroom and the price included a lovely and filling breakfast which also came with Moroccan tea, coffee and orange juice! Overal, amazing value for money. The Riad was located about a 15 minute walk from the Jemaa el-Fnaa square and the main sights. Despite being a 15 minute walk away we actually really loved the location, the area was exciting to walk through and you experience the ‘real’ feel of Marrakech.

Our room at Riad dar Othmane
unnamed (1).jpg
Breakfast at Riad dar Othmane

3. Where to eat in Marrakech

Lastly, where to eat? This was something I had actually researched prior to coming to Marrakech, as I had heard that it is quite difficult to find really good food for cheap. Eating out is not a big part of the culture for locals in Marrakech, so this has lead to a lot of the restaurants being catered for tourists and therefore, it is not cheap. We tried a selection of the restaurants, these are the ones we recommend:

Bakchich Cafe

Located near to the Jemaa el-Fnaa, this felt like more of a lunch time place, we ordered a panini (25DH) and omelette (20DH). There were a handful of cafes on this road that all seemed to serve food around the same price, they all looked nice and we noticed they were cheaper than the rest of restaurants near the square.

My panini and salad for 25DH

Cafe chez Zaza

Located in the Medina, look out for the sign or you’ll miss it, and head up the stairs to the rooftop. We ate dinner here one evening and watched the sun set over the square. We ordered grilled meat skewers (60DH) which came with salad and of course, olives and bread. Not a bad price in Marrakech for the setting!

The roof-top terrace at Cafe chez Zaza


We ate here on the first night because it was fairly near to our Riad and we were hungry and it was late. The food is good, but the cost is slightly higher than our usual price range. But if you’re looking for something to eat with a really nice rooftop setting, and don’t mind paying a slightly higher price, we do recommend this restaurant. I ordered the really yummy lamb burger (110DH).

Kech Burger (top choice!)

Located in the new town, this was our favourite restaurant in all of Marrakech. We ate here after visiting the Jardin de Majorelle because I had read amazing reviews of the restaurant online. How good can a burger be? Honestly it served the best burger I have ever had. The burgers were huge and amazing and also came with fries. The whole meal including a drink came to just 50DH. Note the price difference to that of the old town, we found the food to be loads cheaper (and definitely seemed better) over in the new town. Also note – I know burgers may not be very typically Moroccan, but after Marrakech we would be eating Tajine every day in the mountains and the desert!

So that is my budget travel guide to Marrakech, where we spent just £27/ $35 per day per person. Are you a budget traveller that has been to Marrakech? Did you find other great value things to do there? Share your thoughts or ask away in the comments below!

A budget travel guide to Marrakech, Morocco
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  1. Wonderful post ! Such great posts on Budget travel did help me to save some good amount of Currency however ,out of my own travel experiences of recent years , I too have penned down some small but practical tips to get Luxury Hotels as well as some good add-ons (room upgrade , sightseeing etc.) on a budget price .

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  2. Hi, I loved reading your thoughts and reviews about Marrakech. The riad where you stayed isn’t available when I’m going. Can you recommend another place? Did you think about going to a spa? Are there any reasonably priced ones that you can comment on? How long is the walk from the old part of the city to the new part? Would you recommend staying in the newer part? Thanks!!


    1. Hey Cathy! Thank you 🙂 We only stayed in Riad dar Othmane Marrakech, so I can’t recommend another i’m afraid, and we didn’t go to a spa unfortunately. The walk from the old city to the new city depends where in the old city you are staying, but from the main square (jemaa el-fna) it’s about 3 km. I personally would rather stay in the old part of the city as there’s more character 🙂


  3. Hi Zoe First at all LOVE your name have a 13 year young grand daughter with the same name I am 65 years young just retired and finally start to travel for fun. Traveled a lot before but mostly for business The best thing is I take my grand daughter with me Started with a short trip to Paris this summer and next spring we will go to Nepal (DREAM of mine).After that we will go to Morocco so I really love your blog.Same as you I travel ONLY on budget Have only my back pack and stay in hostels That’s for me the best way to travel the world and to tech my grand daughter the same.can’t wait to get to see Morocco and the desert Thanks again for your infos


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