About Me

Hi, I’m Zoe. Welcome to Zo Around The World!

Since 2012, I have travelled to 24 countries within 4 continents. Zo Around The World is a collection of my travel experiences – particularly writing about backpacking and budget travel.

I am a self confessed over-organised travel planner, travel has become my favourite part of my life and let me show you how it can become yours too.


Here’s a bit about me:

I’m 26 and I’m originally from Derby (A small city in the middle of England, with very little there except the proximity to the beautiful Peak District National Park).

Until I turned 21, I could count how many countries I had been to on one hand.

Anyway I graduated with a degree in Geography 5 years ago, I then went off travelling for the first time with my 2 best friends around Europe. This was just a small trip, but this first adventure gave me the travel bug and I was soon planning a big year away trip.

After almost a year of saving money in Derby, working 3 lifeguard jobs and a job in a cafe, I had saved just enough for a year long round the world trip. In that year, as well as spending every waking moment that I wasn’t working planning and over-preparing for the trip, I also met my wonderful boyfriend Shaun, he also wanted to travel the world; and off we went.


Okay so we didn’t have enough money to travel all  the world. But we covered large parts of Asia and Australasia on a budget, which I write about in this blog. I write about our experiences, our budgets for each country, opinions, tips, what we did right and (despite all the over-preparing) what we did wrong.

Luckily, Shaun and I quickly became the perfect travel team; with me being the over-organised one who plans it all, and Shaun handling the logistics of successfully getting from A-B when we are on the road.


Current travel Plans:

Shaun and I now live in London, but we still love to travel. We have recently come back from an amazing 3 week trip around Morocco. Next, I will be heading to Belgium in May and Spain in August. And as for 2018? Watch this space.


Stay tuned to join my adventures and follow me around the world.