8 Lessons Learnt From Long-Term Travel

For me, long-term travel was a huge learning step. The day I left home for a whole year was literally the biggest day of my life, and I think it always will be. I feel I’ve learnt a lot since that first big trip. When 22 year old me, in my cheap bulky hiking boots, […]

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The Versatile Blogger Award – My Second Blogging Award!

I created Zo Around The World back in April 2016, as a fun way to write about my travels so that I would never forget all the amazing places I have travelled to, as well as to help and inspire others who want to travel there too. I decided my blog niche would combine 2 […]

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I’ve received my first award – The Liebster Award!

I've received a Liebster award!

This week I received my first ever blogging award – The Liebster Award. In case you’re wondering what on earth this is, the word ‘Liebster’ means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, cute, endearing, valued, welcome… and the award is given to new bloggers by bloggers. I was so happy to receive the news that that the lovely […]

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