12 weeks in India: Part 1 – Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu


Our first trip to India in 2014 opened my eyes to a world where everything was entirely different to everything I knew. Ever since, it was India that I longed to return to more than anywhere else. The memories of squeezing our way through tightly packed, hectic streets in a daze; by the vast array […]

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Backpacking in the Philippines: Bohol and Cebu in 2 weeks

Backpacking in the Philippines - Bohol and Cebu in 2 weeks

The few weeks we spent in the Philippines was beautiful, like a relaxing holiday from travelling that I didn’t want to end. It’s cheap and a bit rough around the edges in places. But beautiful in every single sense of the word. With over 7000 islands to explore, it’s not got a standard backpacker route […]

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Our top 12 travel experiences of 2018

Our top 12 travel experiences of 2018

2018 was one of the best years of my life and I feel so fortunate that I had this opportunity to travel to so many incredible places in the world. During 2018, Shaun and I visited 16 countries in total across South America and Asia and we have had so many amazing experiences that we’ll […]

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1 month travelling in Japan itinerary

1 month travelling in Japan Itinerary

From it’s bright neon city-lights and ancient temples, to it’s super fast trains and amazing toilets. Japan is one of the coolest and most unique places I’ve ever been. We spent just over 1 month in Japan and I still felt sad to leave, it was just so different to anywhere else we have been. […]

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9 Awesome things to do in Java Island, Indonesia

Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands, but over half of it’s population live on Java island, which makes it the heart and the economic centre of Indonesia. However it is often overlooked by visitors heading straight for islands like Bali, yet Java is filled with many interesting places to explore and spectacular natural […]

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Announcing our upcoming round the world trip

So I’m so excited to announce that in February 2018, after 3 years of working in London, we will be leaving our lives in London to travel long-term for a second time. This trip is going to be our biggest yet. If all goes to plan we will cover over 20 countries in at least 3 […]

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How to travel Malaysia on the cheap

Malaysia is one of the more expensive countries of the Southeast Asia region. It almost feels like 2 totally different countries; the Peninsula Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, separated in half by the South China sea. We visited the Peninsula Malaysia in December 2014, it certainly felt more ‘western’ than it’s bordering county of Thailand and it’s not […]

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Explore the highlights of Rajasthan in 2 weeks

Firstly, Rajasthan is pretty huge. It is India’s largest state by area and to see large parts of it in 2 weeks, you need to be prepared for some fairly lengthy journeys. That being said, the journeys are almost always exciting and completely worth it. If you’ve come to India in search of culture, history […]

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The Top 4 Most Beautiful Destinations in Northern Laos

Whenever I am asked advice on where to go in Southeast Asia, I always recommended to try and head to Northern Laos. From the stunning scenery, deep jungles, remote mountains and the ethnic hill tribe villages, to the friendly locals who are still curious about you, plus the amazingly slow and simple pace of life […]

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9 Cheap things not to miss in Ho Chi Minh City 

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (previously known as ‘Saigon’ until 1975) after a long journey from the sleepy town of ‘Kep’ in Cambodia. By contrast, as we arrived off our bus into Ho Chi Minh City we found that we had instantly stepped into a sea of scooters. Attempting to cross the road here made me feel […]

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