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From peaceful backwater villages, to holding on for dear life in a tuk tuk through crowded backstreets in Delhi. From trying something so yummy you just can’t describe, to the spice secretly blowing your head of. Here’s to bright colours, loud noises and strange smells, to locals who want to get to know you. Welcome to the best hospitality and the most facinating country of all. This is INDIA



Thailand. Welcome to backpacker heaven. There’s a reason it’s so popular! Elephants, beaches, temples, scuber diving, deserted islands and party islands, bustling cities and peaceful mountain villages, trekking and partying, off the beaten track or package holidays, Pad Thai or even chips and a burger. On top of it all, it’s really cheap! Thailand can be whatever you make of it but whatever way you decide to do it, one thing is for sure, it is backpacker paradise and a fantastic destination to explore.



So you want to meet real hill tribe villagers, teach English to the children, experience foods such as raw squirrel whilst sitting in a dark little wooden hut, 2 days away from any civilisation. But you ALSO quite like the idea of floating down a river drunk in a rubber tube, whilst you party with other backpackers and also spend a lot of time lying around in a hammock… Well, welcome to Laos!



Not only will Cambodia provide you with a history lesson, it also has one of the most beautiful deserted beaches I’ve seen! Cambodia is varied and each place has a different feel to it yet each place we found as interesting as the last, with lots to explore, tons of history and really friendly locals. Cambodia is another destination that should not be missed



One of my favourite countries in Asia. Welcome to Vietnam. Where the cities are big, the mountains are beautiful, the temples are colourful the fast food plentiful and the buses even have beds!



Australia is a giant, too big to begin to even describe. You would need a LIFE TIME to see it all but not long to realise it’s an incredible country. Although a little costly in comparison to my usual destinations but nevertheless, with it’s beautiful coastlines, perfect cities and facinating outback, Australia really does have it all



It surprised me how few backpackers were in Romania and I’m not sure why. It’s as cheap as some of the backpacker kings of South East Asia, the food is fantastic and the countryside beautiful, there’s castles and history and it felt very un-spoilt. Romania is certainly up there in my TOP countries in Europe, and not only cause the food and alcohol is so cheap!



So you want to ski in the snow, sunbathe on the beach AND climb some massive mountains and check out the fantastic scenery, all whilst spending very little money in comparison to the rest of Europe? Then look no further – welcome to Bulgaria!



I love Turkey! With it’s rich history, fantastic beaches, colourful bazaars, wonderfully weird landscapes such as Cappadocia and some of the best cuisine in the world, not to mention the amazing city of Istanbul. Turkey is not to be missed


New Zealand

Just take a drive around this country and the scenery will take your breath away. At times, you feel totally isolated, just yourself and the surrounding mountains. It certainly wins the most beautiful and photogenic country I have ever been to, totally worth the 32 hour flight.



My favourite in the world for FOOD. Some of it totally weird and wonderful. With many different types of cuisine and the interesting mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese culture you will find here, the country is totally facinating and also makes for a foodie trip of a lifetime.